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Eaton Grange Experience

This term in the Eaton Grange Experience, Year 8 are having some intensive revision sessions in the run up to CE.

Year 7 are doing Public Speaking and Debating.  Today we had a very lively session and all the pupils took part in a debate.  We had discussed the strategies for formulating a convincing argument – not always easy if you don’t believe it – but a great skill for debating and essay writing.  The debates were entertaining and some of the points presented were very persuasive.  The motions of “This house believes that people should not keep animals as pets and that cars should be banned in towns” were voted down.  The motion “This house believes that school should not be compulsory” was agreed (!) and there was a split vote on “This house believes that school holidays are too long”.  Everybody worked very hard and participated confidently.