Monthly Archives: September 2017

Year 8 learn CPR

On Monday 25th September, Year 8 students had some first aid and CPR training.  This is extremely valuable training and possibly one day might even save someone’s life.  The students learned how to do the compressions and then took their “dummy” home to train their families and friends.

Keeping safe on the street

On Monday 28th September, Year 9 had a session with Jason O’Connor, a martial arts expert about how to keep safe when out and about.  Young people can be vulnerable so the aim of this session was to give them some of the awareness and skills to look after themselves and keep out of trouble when out in the community.  It was also quite a good physical work out!



Study Skills

On Monday 25th September, all Eaton Grange students attended a study skills session run by Elevate Education.  The aim of these sessions is to help our students find effective ways of working and revising and to apply them in the classroom and in preparation for exams.  The sessions are very interesting and informative and all the students agreed that they were very useful.

Careers Talks for Eaton Grange

In our Friday  morning assemblies for Years 9 -11, we have invited outside speakers to come and talk to our pupils about the world of work and their jobs and careers.  We were very pleased to welcome today a parent who shared with us her career as a lawyer and demonstrated the wealth of opportunities that a career in the legal sector can offer.

Pupil Leadership Conference

On Tuesday, 12th September, our Eaton Grange pupil leadership team attended the Pupil Leadership Conference at Forest School, London.

It was a very interesting day, they were entertained by Olly Hicks, who has rowed alone from America to England and from Tasmania to New Zealand.  He has broken many world records. He believes that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

This was followed by a talk by Dr Ellie Harrington who organized the American Presidential Campaign for the Democrats in Nevada in 2016.  She talked about the challenges of leadership and dealing with failure.

In the afternoon, our students had workshop where they were challenged to different scenarios they might encounter in leadership.

Dr Ellie Harrington talking about the American Presidential Election


Be happy!

On Wednesday 6 September Eaton Grange pupils from Years 7 – 11 were invited to take part in some Happiness Yoga.  They had a session with Shonette Basonwood – the Happiness speaker about how they can take charge and have a positive approach to their life which will enhance their well-being.  There was a lot of laughter and they all came away with a few exercises that they can do whenever they feel things are getting on top of them.

September 2017 – Welcome to Eaton Grange!

Welcome to our new Year 7!  It was lovely to see our new Year 7 pupils in Eaton Grange today.

They started a day ahead of the rest of Eaton Grange so that they could get to know their new friends and the routine of senior school.  They all looked very smart and enthusiastic about the new school year.

We wish them a very happy and successful start to their time in Eaton Grange!