On Tuesday  afternoon The Young Shakespeare company came and performed ‘Macbeth’ at Holme Grange. They began with a workshop where they demonstrated different techniques they used such as performing the same scene using different emotions; different interpretations of the three witches and the boys favourite – stage fighting.

At the beginning there was a workshop,_MG_7753

where they demonstrated the different ways you could present the same scene and Lady Macbeth presented a variety of emotional responses to Macbeth at the audience’s request – which was brilliant. It also enabled the audience to get to know the actors and the different techniques they used to portray their characters.

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The actual performance was very loud and dramatic with some excellent performances particularly from Lady Macbeth played by Louise Torres-Ryan and Macbeth played by Harry Anton. The director, Paul Gladwin’s interpretation of the witches as Zombies added a whole new dimension of weirdness and kept the children riveted when on stage. Alex Stephanou stepped into the role of Fleance with only 10 mins notice and others joined in the banquet scene as ‘extras’.Overall it really helped everyone to picture the supernatural element, drama, blood and gore of Shakespeare.


Afterwards the children were able to ask questions of the actors regarding their performance and how it was to be part of the play and to act out Shakespeare. Overall it was an excellent afternoon which year 7 and 8 will be commenting on later.


13 thoughts on “Macbeth

  1. Daniel Prichard

    I quite enjoyed it because it was action packed and dramatic .However I didn’t understand some of the language.

  2. Josh king

    I liked Macbeth it was very dramatic and they were all good actors. My favourite bits were when Macbeth and Banquo were killing those people and then they rose from the dead and became the witches. My other favourite bit was at the end when they were fighting, I like this because it was very fast and enthusiastic. Overall I enjoyed it.

  3. amy short

    I thought today was really good because they were outstanding actors and made the story come true. I didn’t know much about the play Macbeth but the actors explained the story and I loved it!

  4. Andrew Steele

    I think it was fun and interactive and made it a lot easier to understand rather than reading the book or watching the official play. It was amazing how they practised it all and put it together in a very short amount of time. Personally, I found it a little bit long, but enjoyed it nevertheless.

  5. Joseph Qualtrough

    The part I liked the most was the stage fighting because It looks really cool and effective. I enjoyed the part where the female actor smacked the male actor.The bit before where they told us how the preparation worked , it was interesting.I though it was increadble that only four actors could act out the whole Macbeth

  6. maddie

    Macbeth it was interactive, fun and emotional.The stage fighting was great,some of the girls reacted to even though it was fake.

  7. jake

    I really liked it because I thought they made it really easy to understand. I also loved the stage fighting it was also really fun and they asked for volunteers and luckily I got chosen, my favourite character was Macbeth.

  8. Katie

    I really enjoyed watching Macbeth.

    They got the audience involved and helped us to understand different ways of acting

    My favourite part was the stage fighting

    They acted Macbeth really well with only 4 people .

  9. Aneesa

    Well at the beginning I didn’t really know much about Macbeth but now I now basically the whole play. I like how at the beginning they taught us how to play fight and speak differently. Also it’s amazing how they only have 4 people playing the characters. Overall I loved the play!

  10. Mrs Walden Post author

    I’m really glad that most of you enjoyed it and got a lot from it. I agree it was interactive and interesting and I thought the witches as zombies was very interesting!


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