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Yr 7 Austen cooking for their teachers

Austen have been learning how to prepare a 3 course meal this half term under the watchful eye of Mrs Harling. Many had very little experience of the practicalities of basic cooking including preparation and cleaning up afterwards! Nevertheless they managed to prepare and serve a delicious 3 course meal to ‘invited teachers’ before half-term which included a mozarella and tomato starter, chilli main course and dropped scone ,fruit and ice cream desert. Well done to them all, it involved a lot of hard work and a special well done to Mrs Harling for her help, guidance and support.

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On Tuesday  afternoon The Young Shakespeare company came and performed ‘Macbeth’ at Holme Grange. They began with a workshop where they demonstrated different techniques they used such as performing the same scene using different emotions; different interpretations of the three witches and the boys favourite – stage fighting.

At the beginning there was a workshop,_MG_7753

where they demonstrated the different ways you could present the same scene and Lady Macbeth presented a variety of emotional responses to Macbeth at the audience’s request – which was brilliant. It also enabled the audience to get to know the actors and the different techniques they used to portray their characters.

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The actual performance was very loud and dramatic with some excellent performances particularly from Lady Macbeth played by Louise Torres-Ryan and Macbeth played by Harry Anton. The director, Paul Gladwin’s interpretation of the witches as Zombies added a whole new dimension of weirdness and kept the children riveted when on stage. Alex Stephanou stepped into the role of Fleance with only 10 mins notice and others joined in the banquet scene as ‘extras’.Overall it really helped everyone to picture the supernatural element, drama, blood and gore of Shakespeare.


Afterwards the children were able to ask questions of the actors regarding their performance and how it was to be part of the play and to act out Shakespeare. Overall it was an excellent afternoon which year 7 and 8 will be commenting on later.



On Tuesday 19th January Yrs 7 and 8 took part in a Well-Being day. They were introduced to the concepts of Happiness and how Happiness in not necessarily about obtaining things and money but more about appreciating what they have and doing things for others. Some of the things they appreciated were how connecting with a wider variety of people and giving others time and help get make yourself feel good

They also did a session on Stress-bucket where they talked about learning to control the ‘flow’ of stress and what can make you stressed.

One of our guest  speakers was from the charity ‘Body Gossip’ led by a Canadian lady Francine Dulong ,who was promoting good body image and getting the children to be more comfortable with what they looked like. They enjoyed the interactive aspect of this.


‘I should like my body as I have it for a long time’

‘Accept what your body is like’

‘Everybody has something about their body they don’t like – learn to live with it.’

‘Noone is ‘perfect ‘ as there everyone has a different picture of what a perfect body is like.’

They also had a Mindfulness session with James Gibbs who got them thinking about focusing on the moment and techniques to relax when stressed.

‘Mindfulness is how to destress yourself’

Mindfulness is about focusing on the now and getting rid of the clutter in your head’


Next they had a session on Resilience and how to deal with any stress they may encounter and social skills. They then concluded with year 7 doing Strengths Gym where they did a survey on their strengths which gave them an indication of their strongest and weakest strengths. Year 8 finally did a peer mentoring session with year 7 on guiding younger ones with their problems.